Practical Living


I. I&II Corinthians was written to the church in Corinth which the apostle Paul started on his second missionary journey.

          The first 11 chapter of I Corinthians deals with the false teachings in the church. Chapter 12 speaks of different gifts. Chapter 14 deals with love. Chapter 11, Paul directs the people in the proper way to partake of the Lord’s Supper.

II Corinthians, Paul deals with his ministry as an apostle of Jesus Christ.

II. Galatians – a defense of the Doctrine of Justification by faith, chapter 5:1-6

III. Eph. – Theme, unity of the church (verse 2:8-10)

IV. Phil. – No main theme. It is a spiritual love letter to the church

V. Col. – General a message of good will, to exhort and edify believers

VI. I&II Thess. – personal reminiscences, counsels, and exhortation. Second coming of the Lord.

VII. I&II Tim. – Counsels and Exhortation to a young pastor

(Pastoral Epistles).             II Tim. 4:1-5

VIII. Titus – Counsels and exhortation relating to ministerial duties and doctrine

IX. Philemon – A Private letter of intercession written by Paul probably written from Rome.

X. Hebrews, Christ’s as the great high Priest. Christ our intercession – 2:3. Church attendance 10:25. Chapter 11 Faith. Chapter (12:5-13) chastisement)

XI.  James Practical religion showing itself through good works, because of our faith.

XII. I&II Peter – victory over suffering. II Peter is a warning against corrupt teachers and people who make fun of Christianity.

XIII. I John central theme – God is life light, and righteous Love. His character calls for Holy living and brotherly love on the part of believers.

XIV. II John speaks about truth and error. Verse 7-11

XV. III John – Three men, one deceiver, and two Christians

XVI. Jude – to warn the church against immoral teachers and alarming heresies, which were endangering the faith of believers