Welcome to our web-site "In The Name of Jesus" which was created by servants of our Lord, and  Savior Jesus Christ to be used by  Christians and all other people which want to learn about Christianity.   It is our prayers that this web-site will help you learn more about Christianity and how to live your life in a positive way according to the Word of God.  It is also our desires here at, "In the Name of Jesus" that, if you do not know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you will learn of Him through this web-site. We believe that all peoples of the world must repent of their sins and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savoir of their life, if they want eternal life in Heaven.  


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  BIBLE STUDY     If you want to increase your faith and knowledge of God's Word, please print a copy of these lessons and answer each question using your Bible to fine the correct answer. If will not only increase your knowledge of God but will also increase your faith.    
  BIBLE COLLEGE COURSES      Each Bible Course is designed to give students a greater knowledge and understanding of God's Will for His children.  Each course has been taught in different Bible Colleges around the world.        
  SERMONS     If you want to learn more about how to live your life according to God's Word you can choose any of these sermons which will help you to gain more knowledge. They will also strengthen your spiritual life.  Please feel free to print and use these any of these messages for God's glory.    
  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT CHRISTIANITY     Maybe you have some of these same question about certain topics in the Bible. Please feel free to read or print out any of these questions as you may need. These questions are from our radio listeners. These topics range from Christianity to different religions. All answers are given according to Biblical principles    
  TRACTS     We have designed six tracts which we have found to be very interesting to most people.  These tracts are written about some very interesting topics, which answers many questions about life now and  the future life of all man kind.    
  INFORMATION ABOUT OUR  RADIO PROGRAM                            "IN THE NAME OF JESUS"     If you are interested in listening to our radio program "In the Name Of Jesus". You maybe able to receive it in your area. Please feel free to check out our times, stations and locations.     
  PRAY REQUEST     If you have any questions or prayer request please send them to our email address.  We thank God for the opportunity to lift your prayers before His Thorne.     
  CONTACT INFORMATION     If you would like to share your testimony or Christian experiences with us please send us a letter or email. We enjoy hearing what our Father has done and will be doing in your life.  We get excited about what God is doing through our brothers and sisters around the world, so please let us hear from you, so we can rejoice with you.