I. History of Obadiah Ė Servant of Jehovah

a.       Not much is known of  Obadiah.

b.      Believed to be from the priestly order.

c.       Research the possibilities of who this man was.

1.      The officer in Ahadís palace.

2.      An official sent out by Jehoshaphat to teach the law.

3.      An overseer, who took part in repairing the temple under Josiah.

4.      A priest in the time of Nehemiah.

II. Edomites, were descendants of Esau.

a.       Edom was the rocky range of mountains east of the valley of the Arabah. They stretch about 100 miles north, and south, and 20 miles east and west. It had plenty of water and abundant pasture. Their capital city was carved high in a cliff. It was a very beautiful location. Problem, these people were enemies of the Jews. The feud went back to the times of Jacob. They were still angry over Jacob stealing Esauís birthright.

b.      Although kin, they hated the Jews. Refuse to let Moses pass through their land during the Exodus.

c.       They were absorbed into the Jewish nation by the Maccabean, and by the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. they were history.

III. What could we learn from this book in our time and culture.

1.      Donít hold grudges.

2.      Donít feel secure with your life, if it is not in Jesus.

3.      Be ready to repent.

4.      God will fulfill His promises.

5.      Donít look at the world to meet your needs.

6.      History does repeat its self

7.      What you sew you will reap.

8.      You will reap even more than you sow, wind & whirlwind.

9.      All mankind is sinful.

God is forgiving and loving toward His creation.