(Christian Life Part I)

 You have been saved. You have confessed Christ publicly and have been baptized. Now you are a member of a church. NEXT you will want to learn about “GROWING” in the Christian life. This is the teachings of Lesson three and four will.


1.            Do Christians sin after they are saved? _____________(I John 1:8-10).

2.            If a Christian does sin, who is his advocate (go-between). (I John 2:1,2) __________________

3.            How are Christians to find forgiveness for the sins they commit after they are saved?___________________ (I John 1:9).

4.            Christians are not only to confess their sins, but they are to ______________________ __________ them. (Proverbs 28:13).


1.            How long will the Word of the Lord endure? ______________(I Peter 1:25).

2.            How much of the Bible is inspired of God ? ________________(II Timothy 3:16).

3.            Christians are commanded to  ________ the Bible. (II Timothy 2:15).

4.            Since a new Christian has just been born into God’s family, he is a babe in Christ. Babies need one thing to grow, that one thing is ______which is compared to the Word of God. (I Peter 2:2).

5.            Thy ______have I hid in mine _______,that I might not ______against thee.            (Psalms 119:11).

3. PRAYER (Prayer is simple talking to your heavenly Father as one of His children).

1.            How often should Christians pray? (Luke 18:1) _______________

2.            Is it right for Christians to pray about EVERYTHING ? ___________(Philippians 4:6).

3.            When we pray, we are to ask for things according to his _________(I John 5:14).

4.            In whose name are we to pray? (John 14:13-14) ________________________

5.            Most Christians don’t have the things they really need, because they do not ______ for them. (James 4:2b).



                                                         BIBLE STUDY