Chapter 17-19


Theme: The judgment of the apostate church in the Great Tribulation; mystery Babylon; religion.


I. The two Babylon judged, chs. 17,18

a.       The apostate church in the Great tribulation, ch. 17

1.      The great Harlot riding the wild Beast, verse 1-7

2.      The wild beast destroys the Great harlot, verse 8-18


In chapter 17 we see a picture of the apostate church. The apostate church of Thyatira, which permitted Jezebel to teach,(Rev. 2:20,21) which becomes the apostate of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 2:22). It becomes the one world religion of Romanism, Protestantism and pagan religions of the world. The location of this system is in Rome (17:9). It is believed that the old Tower of Babel will be rebuild.


This one world religion will control the Beast during the first half of the Tribulation period, but the Beast will destroy this religion during the second half of the Tribulation period. They will set up their own false religion as already discussed.


The Babylon of chapter 18 is a great commercial center and political. It is believed that the Beast will rise to power in Roman and move to Babylon. It was announced in July of 1962 by a Ministry in Baghdad that the Tower of Babel would be rebuild.


Keep in mind that the wild beast will destroy Ecclesiastical Babylon, commercial Babylon will be destroyed by the returned of Christ. Ecclesiastical Babylon in hated by the Beast (17:16). Commercial Babylon is loved by the world (18:9,19). Ecclesiastical Babylon is destroyed at the beginning of the last 3-Ĺ years of the Tribulation (17:15-18). Commercial Babylon is destroyed at the end of the last 3 Ĺ years of the great Tribulation (Rev. 18:8,19:11-16).


A. The apostate church in the Great tribulation, chapter 17

1.      Great harlot riding the wild beast, verse 1-7

a.      One of the seven angels that had the seven bowls is believed to be related with the seven bowls of Godís Wrath. Because of this it is believed that this is not a new series of judgments.

b.      The church of Thyatira only permitted Jezebel to teach (Rev. 2:20), but the apostate church is much worse than Jezebel was. It is the part of the church that will remain after the true church has gone to heaven. Remember that this church will even be in partners with cults around the world. This world church will put the Antichrist in leadership.

c.      Kings of the earth committed fornications shows that the church will become partners with the governments around the world.

d.      Women sitting upon a scarlet-colored wild beast. Of course this is the antichrist ruling over the Roman Empire. The woman is the city and the city is Rome. Verse makes it clearer that this city is Rome, because Rome set on seven hills.

e.      Full of names of blasphemy show how far religion as moved from God.

f.        Clothed in purple and scarlet. Purple was the main color of Roman. Every Senator and knight wore a purple strip as a badge of their position, and the Emperorís robe was purple. Roman Catholicism, Popes and cardinals are clothed in scarlet.

g.      Upon her forehead a name is written, she doesnít wear a crown but a mark of her profession. Babylon is the center for all false religions. This makes her the harlot of the earth. Not only is the harlot drunk with her sins but also makes others drunk.


II. Wild beast destroys the great harlot, 8-18.

a.       The wild beast speaks of the past history of the Roman Empire verse 8-10

b.      To go forth into perdition speaks of the destruction of the Roman by the coming of Christ.

c.       And there are seven kings to mean individual rulers. Five have fallen,

1.      Julius Caesar-assassinated,


2.      Tiberius-poisoned or smothered,

3.      Caligula-assassinated,

4.      Claudius-poisoned,

5.      Nero-committed suicide,

    II. The ďoneĒ refers to Domitian, living during in Johnís days. The other is yet to come,  

         refers to the Antichrist.

a.       Verse 11-14 of the Antichrist. He is the Little Horn of Daniel who puts down three horns (Kings), Daniel 7:8,28

b.      The beast that was refers to the old Roman Empire.

c.       And is not-refers to the old Roman Empire during the 4th and 5th centuries.

d.      And is going into perdition, speaks about the final judgment (Rev. 19:20; 20:10).

e.       The ten horns are the same as the ten horns in Dan. 7:7. These ten kings will reign with the antichrist.

f.        The waters-are the many ethnological groups.

g.       The ten horns are of course ten Kings.

h.       Eliminating the apostate church opens the way for the worship of the Antichrist. Rev. 13:14-18


Chapter 18


Theme: Judgment of commercial Babylon, reaction of heaven and earth.



                  1.. Political and Commercial Babylon judged, ch. 18

2.      Announcement of fall of Commercial and Political Babylon, verse 1-8

3.      Anguish in the world because of judgment of Babylon, verse 9-19

4.      Anticipation of Joy in Heaven because of Judgment of Babylon,

5.      verse 20-24



Chapter 18 shows a picture of political and commercial sides of these two Babylon which are not the same city. Mystery Babylon is Rome; commercial Babylon is ancient Babylon, rebuilt as the capital of the world. This city is the final city of the political power of the beast (Zech. 5:5-11). It is unanimous on the part of conservative scholars that ancient Babylon will be rebuilt because it will be destroyed in Rev. 18.


I. Announcement of the fall of commercial and political Babylon, verse 1-8.

a.       Babylon has been the headquarters of demons and has been the place of rebellion for thousands of years.

b.      Have drunk shows how big business unite with each other and reject Godís authority, verse 3.

c.       Here Godís people are warned to come out from their sin and to flee before judgments comes on Babylon, verse 4.

d.      God always repays sin although is may seem that unbelievers are getting by with their sin they will have to pay one day, verse 5.

e.       God will judge with fire and people will be to busy trying to get what want and will not notice. Again and again Revelation reveals that God and God alone will be the one bring judgment, verse 6-8.


II. Anguish in the world, because of the judgments on Babylon, verse 9-19.

a.       Materialism will be world wide, not only needed things but also luxury items, everything the rich have this Babylon will cause the world to desire to have these things, verse 9-17.

b.      The wealth of the world will not be very happy about the fall of Babylon the worlds love that lifestyle.


III. Anticipation of Joy in Heaven because of judgment of Babylon, verse 20-24

a.       Saints are now happy God has avenged them. The great Babylon will be destroyed with the violence it has given out through the years.

b.      All the things that brought Babylon to power will be destroyed. (Matt. 24:37,38)

c.       We need to remember that God will fulfill what he says. We need to remember what will happen to those who place things in front of God.


Chapter 19


Theme: The marriage of the Lamb and the return of Christ in judgment.



I. Marriage of the Lamb and the return of Christ in Judgment, chapter 19.

a.       Four Hallelujahs, verse 1-6

b.      Bride of the Lamb and the Marriage supper, verse 7-10

c.       Return of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, verse 11-16

d.      Battle of Armageddon, verse 17-18

e.       Hell opens, verse 19-21



We now turn form the wrath of God to the exciting parts of Revelation. We are traveling from the dark pages of Revelation to the bright picture of Revelation.


This chapter brings in the second coming of Christ. The most important events of this chapter are the marriage of the Lamb and the return of Christ.


This chapter opens with hallelujahs and closes with the opening of Hell.

I. Four Hallelujahs, verse 1-6

a.       The praise of God is still continuing in Heaven, verse 1

b.      The Happiness of the saints are seen in these verse 2-4

II. The marriage of the Lamb couldnít take place as long as the whore was on the Earth.  

After Her destruction the saints can rejoice.

c.       The true and Just God deserves the praise of His people; this is what they have been waiting for.


III. This is what the church has been waiting for, THE MARRIAGE SUPER OF THE LAMB. All believers from Pentecost to the rapture. (Eph. 5:25-27), verse 7,8.

a.       It is believed that both Jews and Gentiles will be invited guest of the Marriage Supper. It is also believed that the Marriage will take place in heaven and the Marriage supper will take on Earth during the Millennium

      (Matt. 25:1-13; Rev. 21:2,9).


IV. Return of Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, verse 11-16.

a.       Here He is called Faithful because he has come to execute righteous judgments on the Earth.

b.      He is called True because He is the truth and He has come to judge and make war not to die on the cross, verse 11,12.

c.       This same scene is described by Isa. 11:4 and David in Ps. 45:3-7; 2:6-93.

d.      The two-edge sword shows the fury of His wrath.


IV. Battle of Armageddon, verse 17,18.

a.       Here we can see that God has allowed the bodies of the dead to be eaten by the birds.

b.      This is what takes place after the battle of Armageddon.


V. Hell is opened, verse 19-21

a.       Rebellion has finally been put down and they (Beast, False Profit) are cast in Hell.

b.      The sword is like the Word of God, which does the judging in the end. (Heb. 4:12; Eph. 6:12; Isa. 11:12).

Satan is not placed into hell at this time (Rev. 20:1-3; 20:11-15)



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