Chapter 8 and 9


II.     Theme: Opening of the Seventh Seal.



I.. Open of the Seven Seal – Introduction of the Seven Trumpets  8:1


II. Blowing of the seven trumpets, chapter 8:2-11:19

a.  Angel at the altar with Censer of In sense, 8:2-6

b. First trumpet – Trees Burnt, 8:7

c.  Second Trumpet – Seas become blood, 8:8,9

d. Third Trumpet – Fresh Water become Bitter, 8:10,11

e.  Fourth trumpet – Sun, Moon, Stars smitten, 8; 12,13



            We are now going to take a look at the full intensity of Great Tribulation Period. The first four series of seven can best be explained like this:

1.      Seven Seals – judgment, which is the result of man’s willful sin.

2.      Seven Trumpets – judgment, which is the direct activity of God.

3.      Seven Personalities – judgment, which is the result of Satan’s fight against God.

4.      Seven Vials (Bowls) – Final judgment of the Great tribulation Period, which is the direct activity of God’s because of man’s and Satan’s rebellion.




            These plagues of Egypt and the plagues of Revelation are literal. They happen in Egypt and they will happen on the earth, just like the Bible says.


The opening of the Seventh Seal – introduces the Seven Trumpets.

1.      The earth has rejected the offered Blood of Jesus Christ for their sins now they must pay for their own sin with the awful judgment God.

a.       Thunder – shows us the coming storm of God’s judgment. Rev. 4:5.

b.      Voice – indicates that this is God’s judgments and not just the forces of nature.

c.       Lighting (Follows the thunder) – Lighting is always first but now God has reversed it. (Because light moves faster than sound).

d.      Earthquake – maybe it is the earth’s respond to the pressure that will be placed upon it.

1.      First trumpet – Trees burnt verses 7

Plant life was the first to be created and it is the first to be destroyed. One/third of all the earth’s plant life will be destroyed.


2.      Second trumpet – Seas become blood verses 8,9

One third of seas turn to blood (real Blood). One third of everything in these seas will die. One third of all the ships on these waters will be destroyed.


3.      Third trumpet – Fresh water becomes bitter, verses 10,11

One third of all fresh water on the earth will become polluted so people can’t use it. This will be a meteor, which is called WORMWOOD. It will fall upon the fresh waters of the earth. Wormwood is a name used to indicate calamity and sorrow. (Jer. 9:15 and 23:15)


4.      Fourth trumpet – Sun, Moon, Stars are smitten verses 12,13.

It was on the Fourth day that these heavenly bodies were created; therefore the fourth trumpet will bring about an end to a third of their functions. They were given to us for use in our lives here on earth, now they are going to be taken away. These were to be signs and seasons. Our Lord indicates in the Tribulation these heavenly bodies give special signs. (Matt. 24:29; Luke 21:25).


In verse 13 an angel tells us to beware thing are bad but going to get worse.



Chapter 9


Theme: the blowing of the fifth and sixth trumpet, a fallen star and the loosing of the four angels at the river Euphrates.


Fifth Trumpet – Fallen star and Plague of Locust, verses 1-12.

Six Trumpet – Angels loosed at the River Euphrates, verses 13-21

The last three trumpets are apart from the first four trumpets by the three woes.

(8:13, 9:12, 11:14).



This language is much harder to interpreted than the earlier language, but we still must follow a literal interpretation.


5.      Fifth trumpet – Fallen Star and plague of Locusts, verse 12.

This Star is different from the star in the fourth trumpet. This star acts with intelligence. Some believe that this star is Satan. Reasons this star could be Satan.

(Isa. 14:12; Luk3 10:18; 2 Cor. 11:14)


The Abyss is the bottomless pit of Revelation 20:3. This is also called Hell a there is a long shaft leading to the PIT.


Note: Jesus now has the keys to hell and will give them to Satan, He will not take them.

Smoke and locusts will come out of this pit. The smoke and the locusts are different than what we know.

a.      This smoke will cover the entire earth.

b.      These locusts will not eat vegetable productions.

c.      Earth Locusts, NO KING, and these locusts will be like that again.

d.      They are literal creatures, looking like, the lion, the horse, the scorpion, and the man.


Note: These locusts are after evil men with the stinger in their tails, which will not kill them, only make them wish they were dead. They appear to be weird looking creatures.

One woe is past verse 12.


6.      Sixth trumpets – Angels Loosed at the River Euphrates, verses 13-21.

Now these worse of angels were about to be release to bring destruction on the earth and they will kill one third of all mankind.


Note: One third of mankind will be killed, earlier one third of nature destroyed. Also one fourth of mankind was killed. How many are left, which leaves 3.750.000.000. Now one third of them,.(which is This leaves only  2.500.000.000 left on earth. (figures used from the 80s).


Note: The people who escape doesn’t repent of their wicked sin. They continued in their Spiritual Adultery, love of money, Gold and things, sorceries, fornication, and stealing.

Sorceries, in the Greek means, “Pharmacy”, indicating that many will be using drugs as a way of life, which  of course is against God’s Will.