Lesson 4


I. The great Tribulation Period, chapters 6-18. The open of 7 Seals. (6-8:1)

1.      Opening of the First Seal, verses 1-2

* Rider on the White Horse.

2.      Open of the Second Seal, verses 3-4

* Rider on Red horse

3.      Open of the Third Seal, verses 5-6

* Rider Black Horse

4.      Open of the Fourth Seals, verses 7-8

* Rider on Pale Horse

5.      Open of the Fifth Seal, verses 9-11

* Prayer of the Martyred Remnant

6.      Open of the Sixth Seal, verses 12-17

·        The day of the Wrath of God --- This is the beginning of the last half of the Tribulation.



                  The Great Tribulation period goes along with Scripture in Old Testament. Daniel chapter 9 where is speaks of the 70 weeks. Matthew chapters 24-25 cover this same period. Most of revelation deals with this period concerning the wrath of God.


7 SEALS – chapters 6-8:1


            7 TRUMPETS – chapters 8:2-11


                     7 Active PEOPLE chapter 12-13

1.      Women

2.      Satan

3.      Man Child

4.      Michael

5.      Remnant of Israel

6.      Beast out the Sea

7.      Beast out the Earth


              7 Bowls of Wrath chapter 17-18

                 a. Burden of Babylon 


  1. Open of the First Seals, verses 6:1-2

a. The rider of this horse is not known only theories.

b.The Tribulation comes in easy and goes out hard.

c. Power to conquer.


  1. Opening of the Second Seals, verses 3-4

a.      Peace has been taken from the earth.

b.      Killing all over the earth.

c.      The great Sword indicates frightful slaughter


  1. Opening of Third Seal, verses 5-6

a.      Black indicate “mourning or hard times”

b.      Remember that war following red horse of war followed by black of famine will be wide spread hunger same as after all wars.


  1. Opening of the Fourth Seal, verses 7-8

a.      Here physical death will be taking place so fast that all people would be destroyed if God didn’t shorten this period. Matt. 24:22

b.      When physical death takes place, those who are not saved are dead spiritually and remain dead ETERNALLY in Hell. Rev. 20:14

c.      One fourth of the earth will suffer under this seal, this is in keeping with Ezekiel 14:21.


  1. Opening of the Fifth Seal, verses 9-11

a.      Prayers of the Martyred Remnant

b.      The blood of all Old Testament saints will be required of this generation. Luke 11:50-51

c.      All these saints will now be waiting until those who will be martyred during the Tribulation to join them


  1. Opening of the Sixth Seal, verses 12-17

a.      Beginning of the last half of the Great tribulation.

b.      These physical disturbances can be taken literal.

c.      All men of the earth will try to hide from this God. Now the God of love will release He angry at the earth and all who rejected Him. Today He is very gracious to man but that will not always be true.



Chapter 7


II.     Theme: God seals a remnant of Israel and saves a large remnant of Gentiles during the Tribulation Period.

III.  I. Reasons for the break between the breaking of the Sixth Seal and Seventh Seal, V.(1-3)

a. During the Tribulation many will turn to God.

b.Until these people are sealed the full force of God’s fury must wait. These people are sealed from the wrath of Satan.


II. 144.000 Jews are Sealed verses 4-8

a. 12.000 from each of the Jewish Tribes.

b. These people will be evangelists during Tribulation.


III. Redeemed crowd of Gentiles verses 9-10

a.  People from every nation and tribe from off the face of the earth.

b.Standing before the Throne and before the Lamb, indicates they are redeemed.

c. White Robes – indicate righteousness of Christ.

d. Palm Branches – indicates victory in Christ.


IV. This scene indicates universal Worship, verses 11-12


V. Who is this company of Redeemed, verses 13-14

a.       John didn’t recognize these people because they are not Old Testament saints, they aren’t Part of the Church (because the church is already in Heaven with Christ). These people are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. They have come out of the Great Tribulation Period.


VI. These are redeem people other than the Church with duties to serve in the Temple of the Lord in Heaven for Eternity.