Chapter 20


 The Millennium in relationship to Christ, Satan, Man, Tribulation Saints, the resurrection, the earth, and the Great White Throne Judgment.


I. Millennium, Ch. 20

1.      Satan is bound 1000 years, verse 1-3.

2.      Saints of the Great tribulation Reigns with Christ 1000 years, verse 4-6

3.      Satan loose after 1000 years, verse 7-9

4.      Satan cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, verse 10

5.      Setting of Great throne, where lost are judged and follow Satan into the Lake of fire and brimstone, verse 11-15


Chapter 20 is where many scholars disagree. There are three different points of view.

Postmillennial – believes that Christ will come at the end of the 1000 years. Man would bring in the kingdom by preaching the gospel. This view is not very wide spread now because of the things that are happening since the turn of the century.


A-millennial, fits the millennium into the present age and all of the events records in Revelation into the facts of history. Which doesn’t work very well. It also spiritualizes the 1000 years – as it does all the book of Revelation.


Pre-millennial this view believes that there can be no millennium until Christ comes. It believes what chapter 20 says as it does all of Revelation, unless the direct us to believe different.


There can be no millennium until Satan and the curse of sin is removed from earth. (Isa. 11:6-9; 35:1-10; Romans 8:18-23). And the Old Testament saints must take place before the 1000 years can begin. (Dan. 12:1-2). The Old Testament saints are included in the resurrection of the Tribulation Saints, verse 4 and they reign with Christ during the 1000 years. Even at the end of the 1000 years man will rebel against Christ. The deprived nature of man is impossible to control or understand.


The millennium is the final test of man before the beginning of eternal state.

I. Satan is bound 1000 years, verse 1-3

1.      With Satan loose there can be not millennium.

2.      Satan power is reduced and he is led away to captive. Jude 9 and Rev. 12:7-9.

3.      “Must loose for a little while,” means He will again be release and deceive man’s old cold heart again, “even after living with Christ for a 1000 years”.


II. Saints of the Great Tribulation Reign with Christ 1000 years, verse 4-6

1.      The first resurrection include Christ, Rapture Saints, and Tribulation Saints, and Old Testament Saints.

2.      The Old Testament Saints will reign with Christ as Priests, Exodus 19:6.


III. Satan Loosed after 1000 years, verse 7-9.

1.      Many people enter into the millennium and many are born during that time, because there are no more diseases.

2.      Rebellion against God, He will destroy them forever.


IV. Satan is cast into the Lake of fire and brimstone, verse 10.

1.      The bottom pit is not Hell, but now Satan is cast into it. He was not the first one cast in to it, the Antichrist, and Beast was among the first.

2.      Hell is a place and a state. It is a place of conscious torment. Man cannot understand or describe Hell.


V. Setting of the Great White Throne where lost are judged and follow Satan into the lake of fire and brimstone, verse 11-15

1.      This is the Throne that Jesus judges from, Jo. 5:22, 26-29.

2.      All who aren’t Christians are in this Judgment.

3.      Death, the final enemy of man is now gone forever. I Cor. 15:26,55.


Chapter 21



Eternity is unveiled – a new heaven, a new earth, a New Jerusalem, a new era, and the eternal abode of the Lamb’s Bride.



I. Entrance into eternity; eternity unveiled, chapter 21,22

1.      New heaven, New earth, New Jerusalem, 21:1,2

2.      New era, 21:3-8

3.      New Jerusalem, Description of the eternal of Bride, 21:9-21

4.      New relationship – God dwelling with man, 21:22,23

5.      New center of the new creation 21: 24-27


In this chapter we move into eternity, a new heaven, a new earth, and a New Jerusalem. We have already received our new glorified bodies like Christ. All things have become new.


In the new universe we have new laws that will govern us.

1.      There will be no sin.

2.      Now the earth will revolve around the New Jerusalem that came down out of heaven.

3.      There will be no law of gravity, as we know.

4.      There will be no Sun for light, no night.

5.      There will be no sea or fish; man will go back to eating fruit like in the Garden of Eden. (Rev. 22:2,6). Christ and God the Father will be together and seen by man, a new day of creation.


I. New heaven, new earth, and New Jerusalem, verse 1,2

a.       A new Heaven, 65:17; 66:22

b.      A new earth, 2 Peter 3:13, 2 Peter 3:7,10,11

c.       A New Jerusalem, Prepared by Christ, (John 14:2) this is eternal home the Bride.


II. New Era, verse 3-8

a.       The God-man will be the object of our worship.

b.      Tears, death, mourning, crying, and pain will be no more.

c.       All things are new and now believers will only want to seek after God and the things of God.

d.      This proves that the lake of fire is an eternal death, no resurrection the third or any way of escape.


III. New Jerusalem, Description of the Eternal Abode of the Bride, verse 9-21

a.       Jesus – is the Lamb.

b.      Bride – is the Church.

c.       New Jerusalem – is the place Christ prepared for His Bride.

d.      Size of the New Jerusalem, verse 12-16. This is very hard for us to understand because it isn’t shaped like anything we have seen. 1500 by 1500 miles.

e.       The names of the 12 tribes of Israel are on the gates. Indicates that the Jews have access the city as well as Gentiles. We will not go into all the thoughts behind these jewels and size of the walls.


IV. New relationship – God Dwelling with man, verse 22,23

a.       God lights the New Heaven, no moon or sun, no need with God there. (Jo. 8:12)

b.      The Lamb is there in Person.


V. New center of the new Creation, verse 24-27

a.       Nothing is locked.

b.      There is no night.

c.       Gates are not for protection but show the richness of His grace. Eph. 2:7



Chapter 22



The river of the water of life, the tree of life, the promised of Christ returned repeated, and the final invitation of the Bible.



I. Entrance into eternity: Eternity unveiled, ch. 21,22. Continued.

1.      River of the water of life, 22:1-5.

2.      Promise of the return of Christ, 22:6-16.

3.      Final invitation and warning, 22:17-19.

4.      Final promise and prayer, 22:20-21.



God gives us His final Words here. Many questions are unanswered, and problems are unsolved, as man enters into eternity all their questions will be answered.

The Bible opens with God on the scene, “In the beginning” and now God is still on the scene, Isa. 53:11.


I. The River of the water of life and the tree of life, verse 1-5

1.      The tree of life is a fruit tree, with twelve different types of fruit for each month of the year. This indicates there are plenty of food and we will be eating different types.

2.      The new creation will not be marred by sin. God will be the Light and center of attention.


II. The promise of Christ return, verse 6-16

1.      Verse 5 brought to an end the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

2.      Jesus states the truths to His promises, repeated three times, verse 7,12,20

3.      Again it is repeated to man that they are only to worship God and God alone.

4.      In this verse it is again revealed the eternal state of lost soul. The saved only glow for eternity.

5.      I am the Beginning and the End again His deity is seen. No one is safe apart from Jesus.


III. Final Invitation, verse 17-19

1.      Again God invites anyone who will to come to Him.

      II Cor. 6:2, Is. 55:1; Jo. 7:37.

2.      Warning to anyone who changes the Words of God.


IV. Final promise and prayer, 20,21

1.      Third time Jesus declares He will come quickly.

2.      Believers as well as the universe are waiting for Jesus.


Grace is offered to all. But if any man refuses this offer, he must bear the judgment pronounced in this Book. (Eph. 2:8-9).



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