Chapter 14-16


The Lamb on Mt. Zion, the everlasting gospel preached in the world, Babylon will fall, judgment and blessing announce, the coming of Armageddon.



I. Looking to the end of the Tribulation, chapter 14

a.       Picture of the Lamb with the 144.000, verse 1-5

b.      Proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel, verse 6,7

c.       Pronouncement of Judgment on Babylon, verse 8

d.      Pronouncement of Judgment on those who received the Mark of the Beast, 9-12

e.       Praise for those who died in the Lord, verse 13

f.        Preview of Armageddon, verse 14-20



This is another break, one which will show hard time for not only the un-saved but also the saved as well.


I. Looking at the End of the Great Tribulation Period. Chapter 14


A. Picture of the Lamb with the 144.000, verse 1-5

1.      Jesus is standing with the 144.000 which made it through the Tribulation Period, verse 1

2.      The 144.000 are now singing Praises to the Lord, verse 2,3

3.      They weren’t defiled with women or the world, verse 4,5


B. Proclamation of the everlasting gospel, verse 6,7

1.      Angels will now proclaim the gospel Heb. 2:2 verse 6

2.      This is an eternal gospel, indicating “Fear Gad” Prov. 9:10 verse 7


C. Pronouncement of Judgment on Babylon, verse 8

1.      This is telling us that Babylon is fallen which fulfills Old Testament prophecy. Isa. 13:11,19

D. Pronouncement of Judgment on those who received the Mark of the Beast, 76

Verse 9-12

1.      During the Tribulation period people must make a decision, either for or against the Lord.

2.      The wrath of God for those who received the Mark.

3.      This will not be literal fire and brimstone, it will be worse.


E. Praise for those who died in the Lord, verse 13

1.      One, they will now find rest in the Lord.

2.      Two, their work will follow them in the form of rewards.


F. Preview of Armageddon, verse 14-20

1.      A white cloud, and on the cloud one sitting like unto the Son of man, Matt. 24:30; Rev. 1:7

2.      On his head a golden crown. He is seen as King.

3.      Here the Lord is beginning his harvest. Matt. 13:39,4. “Sharp sickle” refers to judgment.

4.      Clusters of the vine are the dry vines of the lost.

      Deut.32:32-35, Isa. 63:1-6

5.      These verses are a picture of the coming Battle of Armageddon.

      Rev. 19:11-20; Joel 3:9-16; Rev. 16:16

6.      This battle will begin during the middle of the Tribulation and end with the coming of Christ.


Remarks – This will take place, a literal battle of blood running about 3-4 feet high for about 308 k or 185 miles.



Chapter 15



Theme: Another sign in Heaven 7 angels with 7 plagues.



I. Pouring out of the 7 mixing Bowls of Wrath, chapter 15,16

a.       Preparation for the final Judgment of the Great tribulation, 15:1-16:1

1.      Tribulation Saints in Heaven worshipping God, because He is Holy, and Just. 15:1-4

2.      Temple of the Tabernacle opened with 7 angels, having 7 golden bowls, might proceed forth, 15:5-16:1

b.      Pouring out of the First Bowl, 16:2

c.       Pouring out of the Second Bowl, 16:3

d.      Pouring out of the Third Bowl, 16:4-7

e.       Poring out of the Fourth Bowl, 16:8-9

f.        Pouring out of the Fifth Bowl, 16:10-11

g.       Pouring out of the Sixth Bowl, 16:12

h.       Break, the Kings which inhabit the earth proceed to Har-Magedon 16:13-16

i.         Pouring out of the Seventh Bowl, 16:17-21



Chapter 15 is the shortest chapter in the book of Revelation, with a preview of the final judgments. These judgments are the worst of judgments of God. Here the power of God will be seen as Sovereign.

a.       Preparation for the Final Judgment of God, 15:1-16:1

1.      John is looking at these tribulations worshipping God with a song after their victory and escape from the tribulation period, verse 1-4 Moses’ song Ex. 15:1-21.

2.      Clothed in Linen, indicates they were doing priestly duties, verse 5,6.

3.      Seven Golden bowls, represent the final judgments, the bowls of blood represented the forgiveness of sin but now will be the wrath of God on those who has rejected the Blood of the Lamb. The first three bowls have to do with sin; the first reveals the bad blood of men – “ noisome and grievous sore” (Bad blood will cause sores on a person’s body). (Isa. 1:17; Jer. 25:1; Ezek. 23:33)

4.      Smoke – is connected with the Glory of God. (Ex. 40:34; I Kings 8:10).


Chapter 16


Theme: The 7 Angels pour out their 7 Bowls of the Wrath of God upon the Earth.



This is a direct pouring out of the Wrath of God, not the misdoings of man or nature; neither is it the result of Satan anger.


There is a real similarity between the judgments in this chapter to the judgments upon Egypt through Moses.


Here we find the Lord Jesus Christ in total control. The Father has committed all judgment unto Him. No longer a delay, the time has come and the command has been given to the seven angels.


I. Pouring out of the First Bowl. 16:2

a.       The Blood has been attacked on all with the Mark of the Beast, verse 3

      (6th plague on Egypt Ex. 9:8-12)


II. Pouring out of the Second Bowl, verse 3

a.       This plague is worse than the Second Trumpet with only 1/3 of the sea being affected. Here all the sea is affected with the stink of death.

     (1st plague in Egypt was the turning of the water to blood, Es. 7:20-25)


III. Pouring out of the Third Bowl, verse 4-7

a.       This plague is similar to the third Trumpet again worse 1/3, now all the water supply is affected. Life cannot survive without water.

b.      Here God is being judged as true, although He is bringing such hard problems on Mankind. He is now judging mankind for what they have done to His saints.


IV. Poring out of the Fourth Bowl, verse 8-9

a.       Our Lord predicted signs in the Sun. Luke 21:25

b.      The Old Testament has a lot to say about that (Isa. 42:2; Mal. 4:1)

c.       At the first trumpet, the sun, moon, and stars were smitten, or darken, now heat is effected, which really effect man.


V. Pouring out of the Fifth Bowl, verse 10-11

a.       The Throne of wild Beast, refers to a man as revealed in Rev. 13, we believe his throne will be in Babylon.

b.      Darkness (Amos 5:18; Zeph. 1:1; Mark. 13:24)

c.       They chewed their tongued from their pain, reveals the intensity of their suffering.


VI. Pouring out of the Sixth Bowl, verse 12

a.       The Euphrates was called “the great sea” in Deut. 1:7. First mention in Gen. 2 and over 25 times in the Bible. This verse is connected with the sixth plague. This river is important in the first part of man’s life and will be in the last part of man’s life on earth

b.      The Euphrates was the Eastern border of the land promised to Abraham. Gen. 15:18;

c.       Most of the population is in the Orient and will be moving to the area of Palestine. This may be a good example of how the blood will run as high as the hoses’ bridles.


VII. Break, Kings of Inhabited earth proceed to Armageddon verse 13-16

a.       This is a war called Armageddon. It is believed this will be started by Russia coming down from the North sometime around the middle of the Tribulation. This extends the valley of Jehoshaphat and the mountain of Edom. It will last for the next 31/2 years. It will end when the Lord Jesus comes down from Heaven to end it.

b.      Here hell’s trinity will be established, Satan, Antichrist, and false prophet.

c.       As it were frogs reminds us again of the second plague in Egypt. (Ex. 8:7). Could mean literal frogs or symbolic.

d.      This war is continuing with no end until the Lord comes.

e.       The Lord comes as a thief to the Lost, verse 15,16

f.        Armageddon refers to “Mount of Megiddo” which is where many Old Testament battles have been fought. (Judges 5:19; 2 Chor. 35:22)


VII. Pouring out of the Seventh Bowl, verse 17,18

a.       This is the last bowl be coming as Judge.

b.      The Temple has been mention in all the Judgments before-seals, trumpets, and Bowls.

c.       Consequences of this bowl, then appears in heaven, then the air, and now on the earth.

d.      The great city - Jerusalem which is divided into three parts

e.       Cities of the nations fell, indicates how great this earthquake is, verse 19-21 even islands will be moved.

f.        Some believe that not all but only some of the mountains are removed, because there was no article used before mountains, which would allow us to insert “certain” before mountain.

g.       Hailstorm - could go the size of baseballs or bigger.

      Illus. Hailstorm (Isa. 30:30; Ezek. 13:11,13)



You would think this would cause men to repent, but they don’t! They only increase their BLASPHEMY.



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