Chapter 10-13

Chapter 10 theme: the mighty Angel with the Little Book.

Remarks: We had a break between the 6th and 7th seal and now we have our second between 6th and 7th trumpet. First break was to reveal the sealing of the two groups from the Tribulation Period. This break is to introduce personalities.


The one with the Little Book isn’t known for sure, some say it was a mighty angel. Still others say it Jesus. I believe it is a mighty angel. The reason I believe it wasn’t Jesus is, this book, is the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Outline: Between the 6th and 7th Trumpet.

a.      The strong Angel with the Little Book. Verse 1-7

b.      John eats the Little Book. Verse 8-11

I. The Strong Angel with the Little Book.

a.      It is believed that this little book contains the deeds of the earth and all the Judgments of the Tribulation Period.

b.      By placing one foot on the land and the other foot on the sea he is claiming the claiming it for the Creator and Redeemer. Lev.25:23 Ps.8:6-8

c.      John couldn’t write what the seven thunders spoke.

d.      Some believe the statement “that there should be time no longer” means that “there shall be no longer delay”. Several Bible translations put it that way.

e.      Verse 7 gives man the answers to all their questions of life. (Why did God permit evil, why has He allowed it for so long, now God will make it clear to His servants that He was wise, Holy, Just and Loving by allowing evil on Earth).


II. John was commanded to eat the Little Book.

a.      John received the little book as the Word of God.

b.      The taste was sweet, because it was God’s Word, but bitter to the stomach because of the suffering that was in the book.



Chapter 11


42 months remaining to the times of the Gentiles; the 2 witness to prophesy 42 months; the second woe; the seventh trumpet.



1.      Date for the ending of “the Times of the Gentiles” verse 1-2

2.      Duration of the Prophesying of the two Witness verse 3-12

3.      Doom of the Second Woe verse 13-14

4.      Blowing of the 7th Trumpet 15-19


Remarks: This chapter ends the delay between the blowing of the 6th and 7th trumpet. This chapter also opens with the Temple on earth and closes with the Temple in Heaven.


I. Date for Ending of “the Times of Gentiles” verse 1-2

a.       The Temple of God places us back in Old Testament times because the church is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. (Eph. 2:21,22).

b.      The court without, would mean, what is not Temple proper, like the “altar of burnt offering”.

c.       It belongs to the Gentiles for 42 months (Luke 21:24).

d.      After this God will begin His dealing with Israel.


II. Duration of the Prophesying of the two Witness verses 3-12

a.       Two of God’s servants will prophesy 31/2 years. Some believe it to be Enoch and Elijah, the only people who didn’t die on earth. Their time of appearance will be sometime in the first half because they will be killed when the Beast appears.

b.      These two witnesses can’t be killed until their mission is complete.

c.       These two witnesses will have power over the natural elements too bring troubles on earth.

d.      Their two bodies will lay in the streets of Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was Crucified, really means Jerusalem, meaning it is has the social and political life styles of those countries.

e.       They will not be buried until the world see the two people who had torment them. Besides that, they will act like it is Christmas by rejoicing and giving each other gifts.

f.        After the 31/2 days God will bring them back to life and fear will come on the people again as God shows them His great power. They will now learn they have no power over God; they can’t even bury those they thought they had killed. They return to Heaven from where they came. Now God brings an earthquake and kills 7.000 people.



III. The second Woe is passed and the third comes quickly verse 14.

The third Woe doesn’t begin until after the blowing of Seventh Trumpet.


IV. Seventh Trumpet – End of the Great Tribulation verse 15-18

The blowing of the seventh trumpet brings to the edge of eternity.




Chapter 12 and 13


Theme: The final conflict between Israel and Satan.



Seven performers during the Great tribulation verse 12,13.

a.       The Women – Israel 12:1,2

b.      The Red Dragon – Satan 12:3,4

c.       The Child of the Women – Jesus Christ 12:5,6

d.      Michael the Archangel, Wars with the Dragon.

e.       The Dragon persecute the Woman, 12:13-16

f.        Remnant of Israel, 12:17


Remarks: These seven persons represent natural and supernatural, physical and spiritual, rulers and nations.

II.     I.    The Women – Israel (the first sign), verse 1,2

b.      Many cults and the Catholic Church look at themselves as this women. The Catholic’s say Mother Mary is the woman of Rev. 12. Some Christian churches kept this same thought after departing from the Catholic Church.

     When looking at Scripture it reveals some identifying marks that belong to Israel     

     in Joseph’s dream of (Gen. 37:9-10).

c.       The Women is a sign in Heaven, though her career is on earth. She isn’t a literal woman. She corresponds to that of Israel. Israel gave birth to Christ, who is the child of verse (5).


III.  II.  The Red Dragon – Satan (the Second sign) verse 3,4

a.       He is great because of His great power. (Matt. 4:8,9)

b.      He is red because of the fact He was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).

c.       He is a Dragon because of nature of His character (Ezek. 28:12)

d.      Seven heads suggest the perfection of his wisdom claimed by Ezekiel in 28:12.

e.       Ten horns suggest the final division of the Roman Empire which is dominated by Satan and is His final effort to rule this world.

f.        A third part of the stars of Heaven indicate the vast extent of the rebellion in Heaven, when one third of the Angelic host follows Satan to their own destruction.


Note: Dragon hates this child because was predicted from the beginning would destroy all the evil works of Satan.


IV.  III. The child of the Women – Jesus Christ verse 5,6

a.       This is for sure the Christ Child.

b.      Who will shepherd all nations with a rod of iron.

c.       And her child was caught up into Heaven (Acts 1:9-11)

d.      She brought forth a man child which should confirm is identity for everyone (Rom. 9:4,5; Gal. 4:4,5)

e.       Israel is persecuted by Satan 1260 days, which is 31/2 years, which is the last half of the Tribulation Period.


V.    IV. Michael the archangel, Wars with the Dragon verse 7-12

a.       Satan home is now on Earth but He still has entrance to Heaven. He refuses to leave and there will be a war in Heaven and He will be defeated and cast out of Heaven forever.

b.      Old Serpent refers to Satan as early as the Garden of Eden.

c.       Devil is a name which comes from the Greek Word DIABOLOS, meaning “slanderer” or “accuser” He is called the accuse of the Brethren, in verse 10.

d.      Satan means “adversary” (I Peter 5:8)

e.       Satan has deceived man relationship to God, His Word, Man relationship to Man, and man relationship to the world.

f.        Satan is defeated and cast down to earth and very angry. Realizing He only has a little while He will be terrible. Satan and all His demons will finally see Christ’s victory, now they will realize why Jesus really did die on the cross.


VI.  V.  The Dragon Persecutes the Women verse 13-16

a.       Israel will be given power to get away from the persecution of the Devil.

b.      This flood of water could be literal and the Earth open up and protect Israel. It could also be floods of armies, which God give Israel over. (Ezek. 38:22)


VII.            VI. The Remnant of Israel verse 17

      The rest of her seed is the 144.000 saved who are witnesses for Him in this period.




Chapter 13


Theme: the two Beasts – beast out of the sea and beast out of the earth.



a.       Wild beast out of the Sea – a political power and a person verse 1-10

1.      Wild Beast, Description verse 1,2

2.      Wild Beast, Death dealing stroke, verse 4

3.      Wild Beast, Deity Assumed verse, 4,5

4.      Wild Beast, Defying God verse, 6-8

5.      Wild Beast, Defiance Denied to Anyone, verse 9,10


b.      Wild Beast out of the Earth – a Religious leader verse 11-18

1.      Wild Beast, Description, verse 11

2.      Wild Beast, DELEGATED authority, verse 12-14

3.      Wild Beast, DELUSION perpetrated on the world, verse 15-17

4.      Wild Beast, Designation, verse 18



The five performers who play a part in the events of the Great Tribulation were brought before us in chapter 12.


The final two performers are brought in this chapter. Some consider the first beast to be a person, while others treat the second beast as the Man of Sin, while consider him merely as the prophet, or “the John Baptist” type for the first beast. It is difficult to determine whom this scripture is identifying, but we believe it to be the Anti-Christ.

(I John 2:18, 22; I John 4:3; II John 7).



The second beast portrays the second characteristic leader. He is the false Christ. Matt. 25:24 the entire system of the two beast is the anti-Christ in its final form.

I.   Wild beast, Description verse 1,2

a.       A wild beast is similar in description to the fourth beast (not describe) in Daniel chapter 7.

b.      The wild beast and the little are identical here. The wild beast is the Man of sin and the Antichrist. The ten horns speak of the ten-fold division of the old Roman Empire in the time of the Tribulation Period. This interpretation is confirmed in verse 17.

c.       The “little horn” comes to power by taking over three other countries.

d.      The seven heads are interpreted in 17:9 and 10, as 7 kings. There are many different views as to who these seven kings are but one thing for sure, they all are guilty of blasphemy.


II. Wild Beast, Death Dealing Stroke verse 3

a.       I believe that the Beast, is a man who will exhibit a counterfeit imitation of   

      Jesus’ resurrection.. This will be one of the greatest lies of the Tribulation Period.

b.      His stroke of death was healed, which shows the blasphemous imitation of the death and resurrection of Christ. This man will be the one who put the spark of life back into the Roman Empire because He will claim to have the power of Christ.                        2 Thess. 2:8-12.  



III. Wild Beast, Deity Assumed, verse 4,5

a.       This beast claims the power of God seek to be worshipped as God.

b.      Continue to allow evil to have its way, so He allows blasphemy to continue for the next forty-two months.


IV. Wild Beast, Defying God, verse 6-8

a.       He blasphemes God and fights against Christian and gains victory over them whose name was not written in the Lamb’s Book of life. He is a world dictator.


V. Wild Beast, Defiance denied to anyone, verse 9,10

a.       God is warning His own not to resist him and to be patient.


VI. The Wild Beast out of the Earth – a religious leader, verse 11-18

a.       The Beast comes up the Earth is symbolic of Israel. And he is an imitator of Christ.

b.      He is the False prophet of (Rev. 16:13; 19:20; 20:10) (Matt. 7:15; Matt 24:24)


VII. Wild Beast – Delegated Authority, verse 12-14

a.       This beast will lead in a move to get rid of harlot of Rev. 17, then he will offer the apostate world something new to worship.

b.      Whose wounds of death were healed, this shows that both the first and second Beast is faith healers and miracle workers.

c.       This false beast is a miracle and plays with fire until he is thrown in the lake of fire that God has prepared for him.

d.      He will seek to be worshipped as God. Matt. 24:15, Daniel 12:11; 11:31; 9:27; Matt. 24:16-21; Ex. 20:4-6.


VIII. Wild Beast – Delusion Perpetrated on the world, 15-17


b.      He is the one who causes people to need the mark of the beast. No one knows what this mark is.


IX. Wild Beast – Designation, verse 18

His name is given a numerical number, which equal 666.



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